These are albums of music that were recorded between 1978 and the present.
Albums that have been released are linked to iTunes and Spotify, but are also available on numerous other download and streaming sites.
Unreleased albums are detailed on individual album pages. Sound files are highlighted on each page and range from 30-second clips to full length songs. They are in mp3 format.
Here's a sample from the album "Excerpts"

“Judas” 2:48; an improvised banjo and vocal piece from 2004

Photo by Jens Wazel 2006

“Excerpts” on iTunes 2007
“Excerpts” on Spotify 2007
“Good Shepherd” with Isla Ross and Matt Brown on iTunes 2005
“Good Shepherd” with Isla Ross and Matt Brown on Spotify 2005
“SHU; From the Hip” with Dave Schiel 2003
“Taxonomy Refill” with Stephanie Skura 2003
“Crow” 2002
“Evocations of Mabel” (compilation) 2001
“Pretty Eye” 2000
“Tiny Tim” with Dave Schiel 1998
“Tear it up” with Dave Schiel 1997
“Starmaker” 1995
“Wild” 1995
“Than Day” 1994
“Sons and Daughters” 1991
“Ro’s Waltz” 1988
“Down to the Bone” 1987
“Miss Lyons Looking Sideways” 1986
“Instrument of Love” 1986
“Sky Change Walker” 1985
“Casper Mixes” 1980-85
“Tell Your Secrets” 1982
“Look at my Face” 1980
“Songs on Piano and Guitar” 1978

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