Cover photo: self-portrait in Badlands of South Dakota 1990.

Sons & Daughters (1991)

Produced by Bruce Haedt

1. Sons & Daughters 4:49
2. Beauty Rains 3:50
3. Death is Ally 4:13
4. For Only You I Cry 5:14
5. Rocket to Land 4:42
6. Lyin' in the Field Shakin' 3:52
7. Pass On 6:16
8. Going Through Me 4:40
9. Hands on the Table 3:46
10. Rock On Me 4:02
11. Coming Back Again 5:41

Recorded in 16-track analog and digitally mastered by Steve Boyce at 
Colorsound Studio, autumn 1990 through spring 1991. 

Musicians include:
Steve Boyce; bass on "Coming Back Again", Fender Stratocaster on "Rocket to Land" 
(all tracks) and "Death is Ally" (lead guitar). 
Lu Pollack; backing vocal on "Death is Ally". 
Pat Tenis; pedal steel guitar on "Sons & Daughters" and "Coming Back Again".

Bruce Haedt; performing on all tracks with Yamaha classical guitar, Yamaha 12-
string guitar, Fender Stratocaster, digital grand piano & keyboards, Hammond B-3 
organ (a real one!), digital fretless and stand-up bass, digital drum programming, oboe, 
melodica, lead and backing vocals, flanged vocal. 

Although this album was mastered digitally and "in-the-can" by spring of 
1991, it was never presented to the "industry" side of music, and only a 
few dozen cassette copies were made. There were 3 other tracks 
recorded, mixed and mastered that are not included. If someone really 
wanted one, I could burn a "bonus track" version which would include all 
of the original material… but trust me, these 11 tracks have a continuity 
and work well as an album without the riff-raff.

Cover photography and design by Bruce Haedt

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