"Miss "Lyons..." cover photo by Bruce 1987.

Miss Lyons Looking Sideways  1987
Produced by Tom Dyer/Bruce Haedt
Original release on Green Monkey Records

New cover art and digital master from original 2-track cassette by Bruce Haedt 2001 

1. Starlight, nothing can break me 6:29
2. Transatlantic Connection 3:31
3. Temple Sisters 4:01
4. Harvest Hay 6:27
5. Heat of the Chains (acoustic)* 4:41
6. In My Heart (for Courtney) 3:50
7. Bending Iron 6:04
8. Chestnuts & Wine 2:34
9. Colonnade 4:17
10. Hiding From the Radio 3:50
11. Signals to the Ground 4:14
12. Torch & Patience/Our Table's True   9:51
13. Look Away* 4:52
14. Sleeping Giant 2:36
15. Portuguese Valentine* 4:32
16. Heat of the Chains (studio) 3:25

* previously unreleased tracks

My first solo album and my only commercial release previous to my own 
"label". It was written and recorded in 7 days and nights on a borrowed 
4-track cassette, except for "Chestnuts & Wine" which came on the 8th or 
9th day and was recorded direct to 2-track cassette.
Then I rested up, took it over to Tom Dyer, who mixed and mastered it 
with my acute attention. Sort of a cult classic.

Green Pajamas photo by Urszula Bolimowski.

 "Instrument of Love"

9 songs with the Green Pajamas + 2 solo Bonus Tracks
Original production by Tom Dyer for Green Monkey Records

These are cuts I composed during the 2+ years I 
recorded and performed with the Green Pajamas.
"Mad Lemon..." and "Live..." are home recordings from this era.
"Instrument of Love" is the last studio recording I made with the band, in 1988.

1. Instrument of Love *** 4:46
2. This is Mana *** 2:50
3. Higher Than I've Been * 3:08
4. Expand the One ** 4:17 
5. Mad Lemon Dreams*** 3:24
6. Big Surprise * 3:26
7. The Sickness Lovers Despise ** 3:20
8. Stand to Reason * 3:37
9. Temple Sisters ** 3:00
10. Live and Die (scratch)*** 3:12
11. Getaway ** 3:11

Green Pajamas albums I played on include:

* "Book of Hours" (USA, Australia, Germany, Greece) 1987
** "November" 1988
*** previously unreleased tracks 

I met up with Jeff Kelly, Karl Wilhelm and Steve Lawrence when they 
were looking for a 4th "Pajama" in 1985. Joe Ross and Jeff had split due 
to personal issues which were later resolved. Jeff and Steve decided to 
share the guitar/bass duties while bringing in a keyboard player. I had 
the right combination of enthusiasm, decent chops, passable equipment, 
a strong voice and a basement to rehearse in.

So for two years we fought the good war of a rock n' roll band. Absolutely 
no regrets for every note and beer and late night home with empty 
pockets. It was inevitable that I would leave the band because it wasn't 
my original idea... and they would never let me play guitar on stage.
I did lots of keyboards, vocals, percussion, and some nice moments with 
my oboe. The Green Pajamas (still) rock


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